54 War Correspondents K.I.A. WWII
A Gripping Account of War Journalism 1940-1945 by Doral Chenoweth

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This website content originally was a book devoted to World War II combat correspondents killed in action.

Fifty four were killed in action. That’s a huge slice from the 500 who were “accredited for service (meaning for rations and quarters) with US Forces in the field.” This website is their story related from the first death in May, 1940, to the last, Ernie Pyle, on 18 April 1945.

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28 January 1946:
When it came to honoring the correspondents killed in World War II there was some confusion. Much of it resulted when uniformed personnel in the Pentagon were discharged leaving unfinished records, usually scattered to the winds. At the end of hostilities the War Department Bureau of Public Relations, keeper of accreditation records for the 500 correspondents from Allied nations, published a list of those killed in action, executed, those missing in action and those who died from wounds or illnesses relating to field action. That list, dated 28 January 1946, appears in toto as the LIST herein.

20 September 1948:
The WD/BPR, under the then department name National Military Establishment, Office of the Secretary of Defense, dedicated the ..Thirty.. memorial above. There are 44 pictures posted. There are 45 names of those killed in action. When this memorial was in planning stages the Pentagon press room had 52 KIA images of the 54 announced in 1946.

13 December 1954:
The Overseas Press Club of America, New York, dedicated a memorial to "more than 80 American newspapermen and women who, since the beginning of World War II, have died overseas in the line of duty" to quote one of America's great, then living, war correspondents, Inez Robb, International News Service. Her full column tribute appears at the end of this page.

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